Being a great mum AND working is easier than you think!

When I decided to get married and start a family I knew something in my life had to give. My job often took me away from home, my commute was over an hour each way, my working day was long and my weekends interrupted catching up on additional workload missed during the week.

So work had to go. But there was a problem (apart from the salary!) – I loved my job and as a workaholic it was a huge part of me and my personality.

I therefore decided to try working for myself and running my own business. And looking back now ten years on, for me it was absolutely the right decision. I still get a thrill from my work and I also enjoy the flexibility it brings allowing me time for my family.

It wasn’t an easy journey and it took me a while to figure out how to succeed at both but eventually I did.

I thought back to my own childhood memories and realised while I couldn’t remember the school run or who I had breakfast with, I did recall the fantastic bits like catching crabs on holiday, Christmas day, my mum’s cooking and cuddling me in a warm towel after my bath or the treat of a mad carefree day out before we went back to school.

So, for me, being a great mum and working full-time was easier than I thought. I stopped worrying about doing all the day to day stuff and passed it over to reliable and stable childcare and au pairs leaving me free to work and then go home and do all the fun family bits.

I love bathtime, bedtime chats, reading cuddled up, totally mad birthday parties and really full on Christmases.

It works for me. What about you? What are your top tips on being a so-called supermum?

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2 Responses to Supermum

  1. Kerri says:

    I love this, it helps explain that you can be successful without tonnes of mummy guilt. My one tip is to just do what you say you are going to do – and be honest if you can’t do something.
    The other thing is dont turn down help! I used to think I could do it all – we cant and if someone offers help, I always take it!

  2. …. here are a few more words of wisdom from someone who’s managed a highly successful career along side bringing up children, Karen Brady spoke earlier in the week to a Guildford College Event and told us how she made sure that her children understood her work, that they had been to her office, seen her work, been on film shoots with her etc so that they could understand that when she wasn’t with them they knew what she was doing she also made the most fantastic observation in her words “in my life I have two personalities one for work and one for home, the secret is not to let either drain the life out of the other”. what inspiring words!

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